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Koch Snowflakes is a weird Circle(Also Disk)

Koch Snowflakes is this beautiful shape that I fell in love with in my school years, I didn’t know much math then( I don’t know much now either!),but the catchphrase is this shape has “infinite parameter but with a finite area”

If this phrase doesn’t make you uncomfortable you are very stoic person (hats off!), I got to know this fact for the first time from a  Bengali child novel called “আমি তপু” (I am Topu) by Muhammad Zafar Iqbal, and probabily the only novel in Bangladeshi literature ever to romanticized math(but no one really remembers it somehow!)

I’m not going tell the story here but this kid named Topu discovers Koch snowflakes by himself while sleeping in the kitchen alone while talking to a rat!

And honestly when I first read it I didn’t appreciate it much, but nevertheless it is one of the fantastic beasts that math has to offer!


What is Homeomorphism??( Top 100 of SOME2)

Those of you have heard about topology often hear that ” everything is made of rubbery stuff ” or “you can squish or stretch any shape but never tear or add “, well  I used to wonder how all of this is math!
Today we will try to make sense of one the main topics topology, which is homeomorphism. It sounds like a peculiar thing but actually a very basic concept in all of mathematics. Homeomorphism is nothing more than a function( a pair of functions actually!),but it’s not just any kind of function, it’s continuous functions between topological the rest of the article we will take step by step to understand